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Pepsi Can Alcohol Stoves & Various Pot Stands

Gear Top Construction

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"Gear Top" Stove Contruction

1- Cut the bottom 1-3/8 inches off of a Pepsi can, (optional: label could be sanded off with fine sand paper and a fine SOS pad used to polished for looks).


2-Next draw the gear top pattern.
3-Take second can and cut top and bottom off as close to top and bottom as possible.  Goal is to make a flat sheet of metal.  It is easier if a 20 ounce beer can is used because this allows for more error in cutting.
4-Now roll the metal against edge with label down to curve metal in opposite direction to straighten piece.



5-Either draw the above drawing and cut it out then place the cut out the gear top pattern and trace on the flattened sheet.  Or draw the pattern directly on the flattened sheet of metal.


6- Cut out the traced gear top pattern.


7-Bend the gear teeth tabs down around so they are around the outside part of the can and are close to flush.  A couple of pieces of tape can be used to hold the gear top in position for easier marking.
8- Mark the centers of the openings and one tab to the bottom can so it can be aligned in the same position.  Then remove the gear top.


9- Measure a half inch down and draw a ring around the can at this position.  Cut a half an inch straight down from the top at the marked locations.


10-Bend each side of the half inch cuts outward.  This will help hold the top in position for the final bends.
11- Put the gear top on the base and bend each side from the half-inch cuts over the gear teeth alternating opposite sides.


12-The Gear top stove is now complete.  It is possible to use some flue tape to make the top look more finished


The Gear Top Stove is very light, fast burning, and the only tools you need to build it are scissors. You don't need a hole punch, box cutter, J-B Weld, aluminum tape, drill, etc...ONLY SCISSORS and two Pepsi cans!  The heat output of this stove is as good or better than the Cat Stove and is the lightest stove I am aware of that you can build in a standard Pepsi can size and still have the intense heat output.  It weighs 1/3 that of the Cat Stove.  Overall this is a very good stove.

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