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Pepsi Can Alcohol Stoves & Various Pot Stands

"Channel" Pot Stand

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Channel pot stand


This is a pot stand made from aluminum siding.  It is made into three channels.  One vertical side is wider than the base and the other side is narrower.  This allows them all to fit into each other and pack small.  You will notice that one fits inside the base and the other on the outside.

The advantages are: Light, stable, folds compact, easy to make, has a base for the stove eliminating the need to put something down on the ground that the stand and stove fit on and the "U"-shaped pin helps keep the stove centered in one dimension

This design has one drawback/advantage. For a pressurized stove, the stand will get hot, then heat the primer dish causing the stove to run harder and vaporize fuel much faster. On a cold day this could be an advantage.


Above is the pot stand apart showing in detail the construction.


Above is the pot stand taken apart and stacked. 

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