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Pepsi Can Alcohol Stoves & Various Pot Stands

Star Pot Stand

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Interlocking Sheet Metal Pot Stand ("Star Stand")


Overall this is a very good pot stand.  This is a stainless steel sheet metal support that interlocks together to form a rigid pot support. It weighs more than the bicycle spoke designs. I use it when I am in the mood for one of the sturdiest supports I can get.  It folds flat for storage.  There are two slots on pieces that interlock.

Caution: This stand will get hot.


This stand can be also turned upside down to provide a very sturdy pot stand.  It will get hotter this way.


This is the pot stand apart to show where the interlocking slits need to be.


Here is the pot stand apart and stacked.  As you can see it folds to a very small size.

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