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Pepsi Can Alcohol Stoves & Various Pot Stands

Wind screen wtih V spokes

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This is one of the complete cook systems I use when camping.  It has everything except the pot.  It is stable, easy to build, does not get glowing red hot and packs well.  It is adjustable down in size depending on the pot size one brings.
Overall, this is my first choice in pot stands.  Everything you see fits inside or around the storage container shown at the end.

Bicycle Spoke "V" to support pot


Here is the Windscreen with the "V" spokes attached.  Stove with deflector ring is in the center.


Here is the pot on the Windscreen and stand.


Here is the complete set of tems that I pack.


  1. Windscreen
  2. "V" Spokes
  3. Low pressure open top alcohol Stove
  4. Heat Deflector ring (high temperature metal) 
  5. Simmer top
  6. Base to insulate from ground
  7. 2.4 oz fuel bottle marked in 1/2 oz increments with flip top.
  8. Cap for bottle
  9. Storage for all of the above.
  10. Rubber bands when wrap windscreen around outside of storage.

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