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Pepsi Can Alcohol Stoves & Various Pot Stands

Bud Bottle stove

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Bud Bottle Stove

I made one of these stoves from the many videos and websites.  My observations are below.

Overall I don't like this stove as well as others. It was hard to make (the die making and removal nearly borders on not being truthful) and does not work as well as other stoves due to the large amount of fluid between the inner wall and the outside wall causing lower pressure and more time to vaporize. 

  • Thicker Aluminum makes it robust
  • Works OK
  • Looks cool with a finished look

  • Slightly Heavier
  • Very hard to make
  • Slow to light due to additional mass of aluminum and large volume between inner wall and outside wall
  • Requires pot placed directly on top of stove so less stable/flexible



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