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Pepsi Can Alcohol Stoves & Various Pot Stands

Pressurized Stoves

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Pressurized Stoves


From left to right above are a few pressurized stoves that I built. First is a 5.5oz V-8 can stove with the heat fin cut down.  Since burners are very close to this fin it will burn too hot if the fin is the standard 1/4" height.  Next is the normal 12oz can version and on the far right is the larger 24oz can version. All stoves work well.

I picked this as my first stove to build because this appeared to be the easiest to build. The web site showed how to build the Photon Stove by Don Johnson.  I liked the fact that the high temperature adhesive would want to naturally run into the area that you were trying to seal and self-level.

If you are not familiar with the threaded rivet nut, it is a pop rivet that has threads inside and will make a very professional and very usable fill hole. I work in an industrial plant and had access to one. I used a brass thumbscrew #6-32 because they were on sale for about $.02 each instead of $.40 for the aluminum #8-32 ones recommended.

OK the ultra lightweight backpackers would complain about the extra grams of weight. I am willing to carry the extra weight, especially if it is more in my wallet.

Here is a trick I used to make it easier to make the burner holes on the top ring of the can.

Burner Construction Trick

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