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Pepsi Can Alcohol Stoves & Various Pot Stands

Open Top Stoves

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Open Top Alcohol Stove


Above from left to right: A V-8 5.5 oz stove with the top of a 12oz can used as a base to make it more stable.  The next one is an open jet top burner stove with small holes.  The third one is a side burner but holes are on the curve not on the side.  Putting holes on the curve allows it to run at 1/3 speed with a pot directly on it and can be used for simmering.  If a pot stand is used you can get maximum heat, and to simmer just remove the stand and put the pot directly on top of the stove.

I finally built an open top stove just because I wanted to see how it worked. I found it worked extremely well. It has a couple of advantages over the closed top pressurized stove design.

First it lights easier. Just fill and light. No priming dish because there is no priming.

Second it runs consistently. Not affected by elevation as is discussed in on the heat ring page.

Here is a link to show you how a typical open top low pressure stove is constructed.

Link to

The items not mentioned in this web site are:

Not all type cans are the same style and size. A Diet Pepsi can could have different base configurations depending on which canning location it was made at. I must live/work in an area that different manufactures ship to. This changes the diameter of the inner ring and it will work poorly if the top and bottom do not match.   Make sure they are the same if making an open top stove.

Photo of different can bottom rings.

An improvement to the can stretching method provided by Tin Man's site can be found below.

Can Stretching Trick


Here is an open top stove that used the top of a can instead of the bottom.  I don't like it as well because the diameter of the bottom ring and the top are slightly different.  This causes the fit of the inner chamber to not fit as tightly.

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