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Pepsi Can Alcohol Stoves & Various Pot Stands

Cat Stove

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I have made a few “Cat Stoves”.  I must say I was surprised how well this type stove works.  The biggest problem I had was that I unable to find the exact sized, two different triangle can openers (church keys).  I actually took one stove and traced the holes out and cut it with a Dremel tool to get it exact.  I made some stoves with 6 holes or 8.  I also made some with a church key, added a sealed bottom to make it look more finished and combinations of both.  All the stoves burned within 10% of each other. Above from left to right: a 6-hole Dremel cut with sealed bottom and Pepsi can inside as shown below.  The middle one is an 8 hole, and the right one is built exactly how instructed on the web site. 
In summary this design stove does burn hot compared to other stoves.  However this is the biggest and heaviest aluminum stove and I would expect the biggest & heaviest stove to put out more heat.
I also found the smaller cat food can could be replaced with a 12 ounce Pepsi can bottom.  You can make one diagonal cut and fold it outward to make the same size hole and provide the fins for centering in the larger can. This is just as easy to do as using a church key can opener.  If you cut the bottom of another side wall of a Pepsi can you can J-B Weld this to the bottom to seal it and make a better looking stove.  The Pepsi can with fins will have to be short enough to allow the bottom to fit inside the lip of the cat food can and not extend past the lip left when the top was removed.


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