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Pepsi Can Alcohol Stoves & Various Pot Stands

Temperature Adjustment Ring

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Temperature Adjustment Ring


The important thing to remember about a pressurized stove is that anything that affects the vapor rate will affect how it runs.

I had an older stove that ran fine at home. My entire tests on burn times and how much fuel was needed to boil water was done with this stove. I ran into problems when I went on vacation 6000 ft higher than I live at. Using the windscreen with the "L"-Stand it ran like a blowtorch. Fuel vaporizes at a lower temperature at higher elevations. I had to make a field adjustment by cutting down the 1/4" fin down to about 1/16" and increase burner hole size just to run at all. I was using fuel at a rate 3 times faster than at home and not heating the pot well because flames were going around the pot.

When I returned home I ran some more tests using 2tsp fuel and this same stove. The stove above alone ran for 5:30 minutes with about 3/4" flame height . Putting it with the "L"-Pot Stand it ran for 3:40 minutes with about a 1" flame height. This is because the stand is heating the primer dish which results in the stove getting hotter and vaporizing fuel faster.

I added a ring shown in the picture on the outside to replace the cut off section and repeated the test with the "L"-Stand and it ran for only 2:20 minutes with a flame of 1-1/4" and frequently the flame was lifted off the burner jet hole which heated the pot poorly.

In conclusion this ring could be used to adjust some of the flame intensity if the fin that is part of the stove was eliminated

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