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Pepsi Can Alcohol Stoves & Various Pot Stands

Pot Stands with Primer Dish

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Pot Stands


This is using the Photon stove primer dish design with the bottom of a can to keep the stove from moving around. The top one uses the 10oz Chicken can as suggested. The bottom one uses a smaller 6oz Tuna can. It is important to make sure the can fits snuggly into the opening between the vertical portions of the pot stand. This keeps the pot stand stiff and more stable.

Above are both folding pot stands that are constructed from bicycle spokes. I used old electrical terminal blocks, but any tube that two spokes fit snugly into will work fine. Three of four still have the bent head attached to prevent parts from falling apart. Some people may want to remove all heads to allow it to store in the smallest size possible but this makes it just a bit less rigid.

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