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Pepsi Can Alcohol Stoves & Various Pot Stands

Pot Stand wire 3 leg

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Bicycle Spoke Pot Stand 3-Leg


Above is a folding stove design that is constructed of bicycle spokes. This is similar to a two-wire stand with three legs that I saw on the web. I did not like the two-wire design because it looked unstable. This is a case where 3 is better than 4 or 2.  If you use 4 legs the square shape can allow opposite corners to move in/out from the center. Using three legs prevents this.

I used a #12-10 electrical wire butt splice slightly flattened and with the center detent removed.  Any pipe that two spokes fit tightly in will work.

All feet have a bent ending except one to allow it to collapse for smaller storage.  This stand is stable, light easy to build and works well.

I added a triangle piece to set on top of the stand to allow smaller pots to be more stable.  This is so you can heat a metal cup if desired in simmer mode.

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