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Pepsi Can Alcohol Stoves & Various Pot Stands

Pot Stand w/Brace

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Above is a folding stove design that is constructed of bicycle spokes. I used an old electrical terminal block, but any tube that two spokes fit snugly into will work fine. Three of four still have the bent head attached to prevent parts from falling apart. The one has the head removed to allow it to fold smaller. Some people may want to remove all heads to allow it to store in the smallest size possible. There is an added brace across two corners to prevent opposite corners from moving in/out causing the pot stand to narrow. If this was a 3 spoke design, it would not require the added brace and I think would be better overall.

This was buit to put the pot 1/4" higher for the open top stove with the burners on the curve.   The stand can be removed to go from full fire to 1/3 simmer rate when the pot is placed directly on the stove.

This construction allows for any size pot to be used.


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