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Pepsi Can Alcohol Stoves & Various Pot Stands

Swing out Pot Stand

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Folding Spoke Pot Stand


This is an pot stand that is similar to the design of the "FeatherFire" pot stand.  I could not tell from the photos on the web site for this stove how it was constructed.  So I built it using bicycle spokes, a hose clamp, and 3/8" strips of aluminum siding.  The strips are folded over and a hole puched through just large enough for the wire to fit through.  I extended the legs and made them longer for additional stability.

It can be clamped onto the stove which will keep the stove off the ground and prevent it from cooling off. For a pressurized stove, the stand if touching the stove will get hot, causing the stove to run harder and vaporize fuel much faster. On a cold day this could be an advantage.  It can also be made such that the stand is larger than the stove so it does not heat it up.  The stove can be stored inside the stand when it is folded.

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