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Pepsi Can Alcohol Stoves & Various Pot Stands

China Hat Construction

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"China Hat" Stove Contruction

1- Cut the bottom 1-3/8 inches off of a Pepsi can, (optional: label could be sanded off with fine sand paper and a fine SOS pad used to polished for looks).


2- The key to this is to get a bottom of a can to fit into the top of another can.

3-Cut the top off a can as shown in the picture.  The amount depends on you.  This is trying to get a second wall that preheats the air prior to combustion.

4-Use a hole punch and punch holes around the rim of the bottom can.

5-If the can does not fit exactly some small slits can be put to allow the top to fit in.  This is not preferered but will work. You may want to put a little JB-Weld to hold this in place once pressed in. You will notice the small slit on the one on the right.

6-Use sizzors to open the top up.  A file can be used to smooth the edges. 



Above is the bottom view of the two stoves.  As you can see the height of the hat can be different.

7-Press the bottom with holes into the top of the can for a tight friction fit.  Finding the exact combination of cans that makes this work is the most difficult part for this design.


The China Hat Stove is very light, fast burning, and easy to make.  The most difficult part of making this stove is finding two different cans that have a near perfect friction fit between the bottom of the smaller can and the inside ring of the top can.  Overall this is a very good stove.

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