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Pepsi Can Alcohol Stoves & Various Pot Stands

Ring Pot Stand/Wind Screen

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Sheet metal ring pot stand/wind screen


Overall this is a very good pot stand and my Second Choice in best use.  This is a High Temperature steel sheet metal with top pot supports that are insterted on top to provide an exhaust for combustion gas.  It is light weight and packs very small and very stable.  It provides a sturdy pot stand and also works as a stove wind screen.  It is vey easy to build and will adjust to any size pot/cup used.

Caution: This stand will get hot.  I had to modify all parts of this stand including the bent pieces on top to be a higher temperature metal other than aluminum to withstand the heat.


Above is a picture of a pot on the stand.


This is how I pack up a complete cooking kit with out fuel for this system.


Here is the contents of the complete system.  Pot stand/windscreen & clips, fuel measuring cup, stove, matches, and simmer ring.  This is all packed into an ALL detergent measuring cup and I found a lid to fit it.  The only cooking item missing is the pot and fuel.  It fits easily into any metal cup used for cooking.

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